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Browsing through old filmscans, I found a nice little series I shot in 2007. Visiting Lisboa and the Atlantic Coast in December brings back fond


Portugal 2007

March 2021


In the early morning on a day in February, I jumped out of bed and headed for the hills of the Züricher Weinland. The sun


Staring at the sun

August 2017


The OTIS elevator factory at the Chausseestrasse in Berlin has been build in 1908 and has been dismantled in 2008. The premises have been revamped


Berlin, former OTIS factory

July 2015


A collection of wall posters and warnings found in Tokyo, May 2015 (Ricoh GR)


Tokyo Posters & Warnings

June 2015


A collection of funny and remarkable things I encountered in Tokyo, May 2015 (Ricoh GR)


Remarkable Tokyo

June 2015


A growing collection of graffiti's photographed accross the globe


Grafitti Incorporated

November 2013


The once infamous Hardbrücke area after dark [Leica M8]


Zürich at Night

June 2013


The last remains of the coal-industries in the Charleroi area in the south of Belgium [Hasselblad, Tmax 400]


Lost Industries

August 2012


A collection of photographs taken at various graveyards in Berlin [Hasselblad, Tmax 400]


Berlin Graveyards

February 2011


An impression on the Zollverein, former heavy industrial area in Essen, Germany   (Leica D-lux 4)

L1080679 (1)

Essen Zollverein 2010

October 2010


The islands of Sao Tomé e Principe have a long and turbulent history. Located at the equator, a few hundred kilometers from the coast of Gabon,


Sao Tomé e Principe

January 2008


In 2007 I explored the North of Scotland with a 1979 Landrover 109 Ambulance. (Canon 5D, various lenses)


Scotland by Landrover

July 2007


In the war in former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo was besieged for 1425 long days, between 5 April 1992 to 29 February 1996. Ten years after the

The parliament building ruine

Sarajevo 2005 – 10 years after the siege

August 2005


A photo essay on the vibrant city Palermo, the scenic Laparian Islands and full blown volcanic eruptions at night at the top of the Stromboli

Traditional fisherman, Lipari, Liparian Islands, Sicilia

Palermo, Liparian Islands & Stromboli 2005

July 2005


This longest train ride in the world: Den Haag to Vladivostok, over 12.000 kms by rail. This long journey was extended with a visit to

Steamtrain, Brest, Belarus

The big red train ride 2004 – Transsiberia & Kamshatka

August 2004


This longest train ride in the world: Den Haag to Vladivostok, over 12.000 kms by rail. This black and white series forms a visual journey

Eastbound train to Novosibirsk

The big red train ride 2004 – Transsiberia

August 2004


Roaming through the streets and parks of London, 2004 [Leica M6, Delta 400]


London, I presume?

August 2004


Experiencing daily life at a small Belarussian village near Minsk, Belarus [Leica M4-P, Ilford Delta 400]


Belarussian Village

November 1997